Near Crowd. How crypto dApps can change lives?

What is NEAR Crowd? NEAR Crowd is a service that allows people earn Ⓝ NEAR tokens by completing small tasks.

The uniqueness of NEAR Crowd is that it is the community that decides if each task is done correctly. It does this by creating a set of rules, checks and balances that are enforced by a smart contract deployed on NEAR.

You can read more about how NEAR Crowd works in this article.

I recently conducted a poll in a telegram group (RU) among NEAR Crowd users about how NEAR Crowd influenced their lives. Below I have collected some quotes that I found interesting:

Vyacheslav — NEAR Crowd made it possible to earn very good money per month for this kind of work. Just before that, I quit my job, which I hated and was looking for money on the Internet. As long as NEAR Crowd exists, it just saves me!

Victor — It has long been an idea to start making money on the Internet. NEAR Crowd provided the impetus and support to stop working for the greedy boss. Now I have learned how to work with finding bugs for the Utest and still continue to master a little different directions. It was a very significant support for me.

Maxim — “Thanks to Near Crowd, I learned more about the NEAR blockchain and its ecosystem. I was also able to help several people get a job during this period. In particular, the mother of my wife is actively working, who did not even imagine that in this way you can get good money.

Vladimir — “At first I did not take NEAR Crowd seriously, but then I began to devote more and more time to work on this project. Now, thanks to this project, I began to study the cryptocurrency market, its features and mechanisms, which is certainly glad, since it has become my hobby.”

Igor — “I never thought that I could make money on the Internet, I am 18 years old, that year I worked at a factory, it was difficult, I really like this project, I figured it out in a week and realized that it was a good opportunity for me to make money”

Tonya — “The NEAR Crowd project gave me the opportunity to stabilize my financial situation. Now it was extremely relevant! In addition, I began to learn more about cryptocurrency, I had only heard about it before. Now I figured out what tokens, mining and much more are. For me, this is a huge step in self-development.”

Alexander — “NEAR Crowd allowed me to spend time (which I used to spend on watching videos on the Internet and possibly degraded from them) with benefit, earning money that now help me pay for a rented apartment. Besides describing and checking various images, both vocabulary and attentiveness are developed. In a word, benefit.”

Oleg — “NEAR CROWD helped me achieve my small goal, namely buying a car. The car costs a little, but it will work for the first car. Now I am waiting for Near to return to my money level and then I can make thresholds on my car.”

What conclusion can be drawn from this? Such applications, which are based on the NEAR Protocol, allow people not only to earn money and improve their financial situation. It also allows people to delve deeper into the world of cryptocurrencies, learn more about technology and build a large community around the project. Some of those who have worked in the NEAR Crowd are interested in mining, staking and supporting the NEAR community in terms of content.
And it also allows you to attract other developers who may not have been aware of NEAR Protocol capabilities.